Yorkshire Hockey Umpiring Association

Yorkshire Hockey Umpiring Association


25th SepNew England Hockey umpiring education modules online

A new suite of umpiring educational modules are available to support your umpiring via the Hockey Hub. The titles of these modules include:
Personal Brand
Conflict Management
Communication Styles
How to umpire the small sided game
All of these are available for free and are available via the link below. A great way to brush up your umpiring skills and boost your performance on the pitch. The link will take you to the Hockey Hub; click on the Officiating tab then Umpire development modules and you will see the list of courses.

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22nd SepEngland Hockey advice for umpires for Return to play

England Hockey is delighted to be able to reintroduce Recreational Hockey in a cautious and
methodical manner, based on the best available evidence to optimise participant and community
safety. A full overview and detail on the restrictions being put in place for the safety of all is available on the EH website and in the Downloads section.

In order to align to England Hockey’s overarching “Return to Play” considerations, the advice is
intended to offer support to individuals undertaking umpiring opportunities within the game, whilst
keeping within the FIH Rules of Hockey and the England Hockey Code of Ethics and Behaviour.

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22nd SepEH Red Card sanctions for Covid19 offences

The National Disciplinary Panel has recommended that the following penalties should be imposed as the MINIMUM periods of suspension for Red Card / Matchday Misconduct Offences where the behaviour in question amounts to breach of Covid 19 protocols:-
Regulation 6.5(a) offences:- 45 Days suspension
Regulation 6.5(b) offences:- 60 Days suspension
Regulation 6.5(c) offences:-90 Days suspension

The full statement can be found in the Downloads section and on the EH website.

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4th SepYHUA Subs now due

The AGM on 3 September confirmed that there would be no change to the subscription rates. Subs are now due - £17 for members, £22 for those who are taking neutral appointments. All members should have received an email with details of how to pay. If you haven't received this then please contact the secretary for details. It's also a good time to log onto the website and check that all your details are correct and up to date. I've received a number of "undeliverable" messages for recent emails so there are clearly some old/redundant addresses out there.

Please note that it is no longer necessary to keep a record of the games you have umpired. The area is still on the website but it has been superseded by the England Hockey decision to change the umpire accreditation system. Once you have passed your Level1 assessment you remain an accredited umpire indefinitely.

4th SepMoving to Step 5 Return to Play guidelines

England Hockey have recently issued new guidance on the final stage of Return to Play. You can find this by clicking on the link below.

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13th JunA new vision for umpiring - England Hockey update

Since 2017, England Hockey, the National Programme Umpiring Association (NPUA) and the Regional Hockey Umpiring Associations have been working on a new vision for umpiring to ensure that support, development and opportunities available to umpires at all levels is right for the game in the 2020s and beyond.

Central to plans is the creation of a unified, inclusive umpiring community in England, that is nationally led but locally delivered. In short, this is to provide umpires at every level of our game with the resources, tools and support to enable them to umpire at their desired level.

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13th JunGuidance to getting back on the hockey pitch: Step 2

Guidance to getting back on the hockey pitch: Step 2
Please see link for full details:

... Link
14th Dec (2018)Urinating at the side of a hockey pitch.

We are seeing an increasing number of complaints regarding urinating at the side of the pitch. As we are sure you will all agree, this behaviour is not only unpleasant but also a contravention of the EH ‘Respect – Code of Ethics and Behaviour’ – Disrepute Offence, not to mention in some cases a criminal offence. We expect all members to refrain from such behaviour. However, in the event of such incidences, in keeping with the revised Disrepute Complaint Regulations, we kindly ask that these be referred to EH as a Disrepute Complaint in the first instance. It is likely that offenders will face a suspension.
If you have any queries on this, Please contact England Hockey

20th Dec (2016)Entering Feedback/Questions for Officials/Administrators

Please can you ensure that select the correct organisation that you wish to put your question/comment to (Drop down Menu), as: if you do not do so your question/comment will NOT be seen that Organisation's Administrator.
North Hockey Association
North Hockey Umpiring Association
North Young Umpires
Cheshire Hockey Association
Cumbria Hockey
Greater Manchester Association
Lancashire Hockey Association
Lancashire Hockey Umpiring Association
North West Hockey Umpiring Association
North West League
Isle of Man Hockey Umpiring Association
Yorkshire Hockey Umpiring Association
Chris Reece
North HA

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